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“Our corporate buying power enables us to provide our officers with the finest equipment available so they may perform all necessary tasks to the best of their ability.”

The leadership of VSS Security Services takes pride in understanding the importance of our clients’ expectations. It is our goal to provide our clients quality, depth of resources, experience and flexibility. In order to meet these expectations on a daily basis, we rely on the services of our VSS account representative or a qualified member of our internal staff. Our philosophy drives us to offer a professional and businesslike approach in order to meet your expectations. VSS representatives consistently visit properties and our on-duty officer(s) to ensure that we are maintaining our commitment to you. During the inspection of the property, a meeting with the VSS officer will occur. With the assistance of our on-site officer, an inspection of the property will ensue.

VSS Security Services offers two very different levels of security services. Upon completion of a protection evaluation, VSS representatives will classify your property by identifying its unique needs and recommending one of the following two services: On-Site security officers or Mobile Patrol.

On Site Security Officer:

This service typically consists of a minimum of 40 hours of on-site security coverage each week. Depending upon the environment and its specific needs, VSS may recommend that a shift supervisor or lead officer in charge be assigned to staff the first shift position. This officer represents all other officers assigned to the site, unless otherwise requested. Upon completion of a detailed on-site security evaluation, an in-depth security manual will be created by a member of our staff and issued to the site by our security team. In addition to the input of information gained from the site evaluation, if necessary, VSS will integrate information procedures for handling bomb threats, public relations, first aid and safety, hazardous materials and all of the necessary compliance regulations into the security manual. Additionally, our customers have the unique ability to select from a variety of uniform styles, enabling you to properly complement your environment. VSS also offers a variety of technology options. Upon recommendation or request, items such as “VSS Trax”, cell phones, tablets, GPS tracking devices, radios, mountain bikes, golf carts, and vehicles can be supplied. These elements enable the site to benefit from a variety of resources that are specifically assigned to work with the dynamics of the location and customer needs.

Mobile Patrol:

VSS mobile patrol is offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mobile patrol is provided through the use of a marked vehicle driven by an experienced security officer. This service is designed to provide any environment with a series of random inspections that occur each day/night. Mobile patrols are done randomly, unless otherwise requested, to avoid setting patterns and to enable VSS to offer the element of surprise. Duties performed by this service include, but are not limited to, door checks, lockups, light checks and alarm response. All mobile patrol officers utilize VSS Trax allowing for all of their information to be stored and managed electronically. In addition, all VSS patrol vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, which are monitored 24 hours a day. In the event that a patrol vehicle sits idle for an extended period of time, deviates from their route, enters a “no zone” or speeds, our live operator is alerted and takes immediate action to rectify the situation at hand.

Officer Capabilities:

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